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Archives Journalières: mars 7, 2010

Heavy metal exposure in patients suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Study can be found here:


“Small amounts of mercury can be ingested from dental fillings.”

Not true, dental fillings are the major source of mercury toxin a human body:

In 1985, Vimy and Lorscheider, investigators from the University of Calgary in Canada [9,10] purported to show that patients with amalgams had an average intra-oral Hg concentration of 4.91 µg/m3 before chewing and up to 12.7 µg/m3 after chewing gum. They then determined that all these subjects received an average daily dose of 20 µg Hg from amalgam fillings, but those subjects with 12 or more occlusal amalgam surfaces received a daily Hg dose of 29 µg, many times higher than the recommended maximum daily Hg dose of some countries. Source: http://www.dentalwatch.org/hg/myths201.html Michael J. Wahl, D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Norway, Denmark and Sweden don’t allow dental amalgams (mercury), they know for sure why!

“Venous blood samples collected to EDTA-K coated tubes (safety monovettes from Sarstedt) were refrigerated until analysis.”

Blood samples don’t tell much if anything about mercury levels inside a body, unless some additional chelation stuff, such DMPS is taken timely in order to flush heavy metals such as mercury from the body into the blood stream:

Unfortunately, mercury does not circulate freely in the blood stream or urine where it’s easier to find.  Therefore, conventional testing methods—such as a standard blood, urine or hair sample testing—do not detect mercury adequately, because that’s not where the mercury is accumulating.  Mercury resides in the tissues and you have to bring it out in order to measure it.

Source: http://www.mercout.com/pages.php?pageid=42

Personally I have lowered my EHS conditions with removal of all amalgams and detoxing for more then a year in order of magnitudes.

Because of the improper techniques that have been used within the study to reveal the levels of mercury/etc, it seems unfortunately completely worthless. It is hard to belief, the above scientific trained people couldn’t come up with something better?

So the question remains, who is behind this study, who sponsored it? Cui bono?