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WWL: Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Where We Live from WNPR – Connecticut Public Radio has aired on 16.03.2010 a show about cell phone dangers.

03/16/2010 – About 90% percent of Americans, and four billion people worldwide, use cell phones. There have been whispers about a link between cell phone use and brain cancer for decades. But while the state of Maine and the city of San Francisco consider requiring a warning label on cellular phones, the FCC and the mobile phone industry say there’s nothing to worry about. Today we’ll talk to experts on both sides of this divide and try to figure out just what the available data means. Is your cell phone a danger to you and those around you? What about cell towers and wi-fi? What about the FM radio you’re listening to right now?   *This episode was also produced by Jonathan McNicol Episode Audio 48:58 minutes (23.51 MB) Download this Episode

Prof. Dr. Olle Johansson during the show: “You’d need to hold a mobile phone kilometers away from your head to make it save!”

On the show:
Joshua Muscat
Professor of Public Health Sciences
– Penn State College of Medicine

B. Blake Levitt
An award-winning journalist who has specialized in medical and science writing for nearly two decades. She has researched the biological effects of nonionizing radiation since the late 1970’s. A former New York Times writer, she has written widely on medical issues for both the lay and professional audience. Her work has appeared in numerous national publications and has been translated into Russian and Chinese.

Dr. Olle Johansson
Associate Professor, Karolinska Institute
Department of Neuroscience – Karolinska Institute

Dr. Olle Johansson is an associate professor at the Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, and a professor at the Royal Institute of Technology-both located in Stockholm. Johansson investigates the health effects of modern, man-made electromagnetic fileds as well as the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity. Johansson is a leading expert in the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, and has appeared at the Maine Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee to discuss the need for warning labels on cell phones.

Download entire show (mp3) (Click)

Second part of the interview with Prof. Dr. Olle Johansson is now available:

Second part of the interview (Click)

(Please, give us a hint, see (contact) if it isn’t available any more and we’ll make the file here available)



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