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DNA And The Microwave Effect

DNA and the Microwave Effect
Dear Technical staff,
I am a private researcher based in Perth, Western Australia. I believe that the major contributing factor to the ‘microwave effect’ is actually a reciprocating Lorentz-force (force exerted on a charge-carrying substance in the presence of mutually perpendicular electric and magnetic fields – such as in a microwave) exerted on the uneven charge distribution of the DNA/RNA molecule. Thus providing a non-thermal explanation for this phenomenon. If that is the case, then the frequencies involved would almost certainly be very different to the conventional 2450 MHz, since the structures and the forces involved are so different. It would become a microscopic structural resonance issue, as opposed to a purely thermal or purely chemical effect. This would also explain the similarities between the microwave effect and the external-heating method.

Download the entire document: DNA and the microwave effect



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