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RewireMe Magazine, second Edition

A new edition of Rewire.Me eMagazine is out.

Living with EHS in an Electrified Wireless World.

You can see me on page 30 of the new edition (middle picture on top, with the grey T-Shirt)

Page 26: In the city we are ‘grounded’ to our water intake.

I’d be very careful with this conclusion, it highly depends on the grounding system, which varies even inside a single country, sometimes older non plastic water pipes are grounded as potential equalization. This is where you really want some expert on site, who can check and give you the right advice for your situation.

Page 28: EMF-RF Measurement Devices
While the meter shown really give a good value for the money and work quite well from my experience. Though a professional measurement needs a spectrum analyzer. Only those instruments will show the source of each radiation source and the strength of each. The drawback of those meters is despite their price, they require quite some experience and knowledge.  The example picture below shows screen-shot of such a spectrum analyzer, with a few sources named, shows in what kind of microwave oven we have turned this planet. Just a few decades ago, you’d see a flat line, despite a very few minor peaks left (TV/FM Radio).

Measurement screen shot

Measurement screen shot

Download, télécharge: Rewire.Me Magazine v2

Source: Rewire.Me Magazine


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