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Robert C. Kane – Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette

Robert C. Kane had been working as top developer inside Motorola for decades, developing mobile phones. He died from brain cancer a few years ago, not without leaving this planet with a message, which you can find in his book:

Robert C. Kane - Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette - Cover

Robert. C. Kane
Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette

Robert C. Kane has been actively employed in the telecommunications industry for more than thirty years. He holds a BSEE from the Midwest College of Engineering, an MSEE with an emphasis in electromagnetics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and also at the Illinois Institute of Technology, has completed the full course of study and research leading to the Ph.D. in electrical engineering with emphasis in the fields of electromagnetics and solid-state physics.

As a research scientist and product design engineer, he has been directly involved with programs and projects for the design and development of portable cell phones, radio frequency mobile radios, microwave telecommunications systems, video display systems, and biological effects research.

Download the complete book (pdf): Robert_C_Kane_Cellular_Telephone_Russian_Roulette

20 réponses à “Robert C. Kane – Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette

  1. Gerry Duffett mai 9, 2010 à 23:00

    Dec 15 2006

    Microwave Sickness / Deadly Electronic Weapons / Canada


    When I worked in the diesel generator business,
    I worked with a lot of communications companies all across Canada.
    Bell Canada was a big one I did a lot of work with.
    They have « standby diesel generators » at their central offices and all their repeater stations.
    A lot of « national security » concerns within these systems.
    I worked on a fairly large « fibre optics » project in 1996 into 1997 when I was poisoned for the first time in 1997
    People within these systems have more than enough resources to make you « sick » if you …… »step on the wrong toes. »
    Lots of surlpus « microwave generators. » and « radio equipment. »
    All with « no forensic evidence. »
    It just takes one « idiot » to put something together who does not like you.
    There may be a union / non union theme to my problems.
    I worked at a non union company, Harper Detroit Diesel.
    I had no idea about « radio waves as weapons » until 2005,
    ……8 years after I initially got sick
    I started my research project in January 2004 on the internet with the keywords « constructive dismissal »
    in relation to my own problems at Harper Detroit Diesel.
    I am not sure about …… »microwave mind control »,
    seems to be a lot of articles on the internet about this topic.
    It does look like more and more people world wide are looking at
    …… »radio waves as weapons ».
    I think maybe thats because there is now so much « radio equipment »around the world with the advancements in « communications. »
    The problems with all these types of systems is the technology falls into the wrong hands.
    Some real horror stories from people worldwide about this topic on the internet.
    What an eye opener !

    Gerry Duffett

    3358-A McCowan Rd
    Scarborough Ontario
    Canada M1V 5P5



  2. R. mai 10, 2010 à 10:32

    No way! I’ve been telling people about this book for some time now, and saying how it seemed that the major booksellers (Amazon, etc.) don’t even carry it because it’s such a blow to the industry; and here you’ve got it in PDF? Nice one!

    Thanks kindly,


    • Michael Heiming mai 12, 2010 à 13:27

      We have tried to contact the publishing company as well as the family of Robert C. Kane, since he is dead since a few years, but with zero success. A lawyer pointed out to us it would be fine in such a case to simply publish.

      In any case our children live is at a stake and likely the whole planet is at a risk, so in this case we shouldn’t spend to much time about copyright, but go on and get the information out. This book could help people to wake up! I am sure this would be in the best intention of Robert C. Kane?

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  15. brigitte klein juin 9, 2013 à 04:29

    I was exposed to chemicals via sprayfoam insulation at our house even though I was only in the back yard. got really sick, and within a few weeks it started. now I have a serious emf problem, cell phones, regular phones, appliances, but thank god I can still use a pc , while wearing my protective silver coated clothes. it’s horrible, and so far, doing occasional research I found many other people with this problem but no medical advice. thank you for publishing this book. more people should know.

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  17. onnovocks avril 13, 2016 à 19:03

    Thank you for posting.

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