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Philippe Hug dead

Phillipe Hug - dead

Philippe Hug † 04/29/1956 - 04/22/2010

Philippe Hug, tireless fighter against the disease-causing cell phone radiation and for a livable world, is no longer with us. He died unexpected, though not unlikely from electromagnetic radiation, not even 54 years old.

Personally we met him only a few times, lastly during a public meeting at ETH Laussane concerning WiFi installation on the university campus. He hold a short remarkable  speech, trying to raise peoples awareness.

Peter Schlegel (Buergerwelle Swiss) has put together an obit, we have translated to English, French version is in the works.

In short, it seems as person suffering from EHS, you better stay out of any hospital, radiation levels are quite often pretty high, some have WiFi, most DECT and many mobile phone masts on the roof. In addition hospital beds are usually made from steel, bending earth magnetic field.


Nécrologie Phillipe Hug (en  procès)

Nécrologie Philippe Hug original de ARA

Obit Philippe Hug

Nachruf Philippe Hug


6 réponses à “Philippe Hug dead

  1. Dr. Christine Aschermann mai 28, 2010 à 21:16

    Dear friends and cofighters,

    some of you may have learned about the decease of Philippe Hug, chairman of ARA, the association against the antennas of the Suisse romande. By the link, you will find the obituaries of the Buergerwelle Switzerland in German and of the ARA in French.

    As I met him last year, I was impressed by his energy and his ideas. His knowledge of the literature on mobile telephony was unrivaled. He had many contacts, not only in Switzerland, but to people all over the English speaking world, too. He used to end his letters with: Mayday, Mayday, the emergency signal of the radio operators. He is right!

    He was fully aware of what might happen to him soon, a seriously sick electrosensitive person, But he kept fighting uncompromisingly which might have contributed to his rather lonesome life, besides the EHS condition.

    Shocked by Philippes destiny I am regretting the bereavement for the EMF critical associations too.



  2. Carl Katz mai 29, 2010 à 07:24

    Dormez bien Philippe. Merci pour vos efforts et contributions. Il ressemble à Einstein!

  3. Joanne C. Mueller mai 29, 2010 à 18:09

    Philippe is a gentle, kind man who liked to ski, cook and enjoy a relaxing bit of wine. He enjoyed the view of many pine trees from his kitchen window.

    Phil occasionally ended a personal email with « …see you soon. » I initially thought he planned another trip to Florida and that he thought a meeting to discuss EMF issues might be possible. He responded, « no, never traveling to Florida again. I suspected and now realize Phil meant « see you in hereafter soon. » I am 20 yrs. older and believe he « had a sense » (possibly an illness he did not share) he would not live long. Being I am 73 yrs. old, he would know I likely will not live a long time.

    Anyway, Phil is « missed » and I enjoyed his interaction re cellular changes, melatonin, legal issues and more. Take care – Joanne Mueller….. http://www.guineapigsrus.org

  4. Sianette Kwee mai 30, 2010 à 13:46

    The death of Philippe Hug came as a great shock to me. I met him at the Congress in Olten in 2005. Especially I will remember him for his great engagement in the EMF cause and interesting mails. We will miss all miss him very much.

    Sianette Kwee, Denmark.

  5. Enrico Grani juin 1, 2010 à 16:05

    The passing of Philippe Hug is a big shock and has rocked the EMF community.
    Those of us who know this fine gentleman by his many emails which would end with mayday, mayday, mayday; we will all miss him dearly.

    We shall never ever forget all the good that he has done for humanity.
    He was a true dedicated EMF « warrior » to the very very end.

    ~ Philippe Hug ~ R.I.P

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