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Arranging a low radiation zone for the EHS in France

A friend is trying to arrange a very low radiation zone in France and needs help by EHS persons, who are able to spend a week or so inside the area.

So far 0,001 V/m concerning mobile phones have been measured there, which sounds pretty good, we have measured recently about 0,002 V/m about 0,011 µW/m2 (combined 27-11000 MHz) in a zone with pretty low radiation close (France). Hopefully we can take a complete measurement there soon? Since we don’t know exactly how this measurement was done? In any case, this is really low radiation, most people (99,9%) aren’t allowed to enjoy worldwide. Although if you follow our latest news, the radiation may easily make humankind disappear in a few generations.

This is one of the reasons our friend Phillipe Hug who recently died, ended his mails with mayday, mayday…

HF59-UBB27-HV10Gigahertz-Solutions HFE59B with UBB27 Antenna (27 – 3300 MHz) and preamplifier HV10 in a very low radiated area (peak hold) (0,011 µW/m2 – about 0,002 V/m).

Spectrum analyze from the above 0,002 V/m zone, all measuring was done outside with peak hold and about turn method to really gather the highest radiation.

Spectrum Analize low radiation area

Again this is not a measuring from the zone that is in the works. We hope to take a complete measurement there soon and add it to this article.

In any case this is a highly welcome action in addition to the already existing low radiation zone setup by Next-up Organization (France).

Download/Télécharger the official mail:

Une terre pour les EHS

An area for the EHS

Ein Land für die EHS


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