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EHS RZ in France going down?

It seems after actions such as “Une terre pour les EHS”, where some EHS occupied (illegally) a parking place in the famous forest of Saou, (very little radiation) the officials are going against EHS werever possible.

The above action was not invented by Next-up though they tried to help the EHS out. Now the officials are going against the EHS RZ (Refugee Zone), although it is a large private ground which is owned by Next-up, there is a strange (new) law in France Hortefeux (LOPPSI Act) which gives much power to officials and among many other things restricts how long you can put a caravan on private ground! Not more then 3 month on your own ground! Unless you have a special permission by the authorities!

Unbelievable, but true and with exactly this law, officials are turning against Next-up now in order to shut down the EHS RZ as quick as possible! This is really annoying, I had been several times in the EHS RZ and found it a pleasure to meet other EHS, also I was very nicely affiliated by Serge Sargentini, his family as well as his friends! I was planning on visiting the EHS RZ this autumn once again. We are shocked right now.

Serge Sargentini in action

Serge Sargentini (Next-Up) in action in the EHS RZ! (picture 04-2010 Michael Heiming)


4 réponses à “EHS RZ in France going down?

  1. No Rad septembre 16, 2010 à 23:40

    This is a place of hope and Refugee for EHS people like me, I hope it will be keeped open!

  2. sandaura septembre 23, 2010 à 18:48

    Please view our two videos regarding EMF in the U.S.A. Our government has taken our human rights away. The most henous crime toward humanity. Our children around the world will have a legacy of suffering and death. This is a global issue of epic proportion.

    • Michael Heiming septembre 23, 2010 à 19:13

      Sandaura, this is indeed a horror and very likely the result of the electric installation used. We have here a TT installation which is quite common in France. This prevents almost all dirty electricity. Although the installation is a bit more complex and requires fuses switching both phase as well as neutral in addition to multiple automatic ground fault circuit interrupter and a pretty good own earth connection.

      In addition all installation cables are shielded an demand switches are in place. I can’t tell you about the price, because I put it together all myself. Perhaps I’ll make a short article about it one day, although this requires the needed knowledge or it can be highly dangerous!

  3. caravan holiday park octobre 23, 2010 à 11:11

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