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Order real light bulbs online struggle against EU terror!

Luckily, a company in Switzerland (Righi Licht AG) took the chance and opened an online store, they produce and sell real light bulbs since 1906! So if you want to Electrician Light Bulbenjoy real light, pretty close to the suns spectrum, you should take the chance and order online.

  • No unneeded EMFs
  • No risk of mercury poisoning, in case an energy saving bulb breaks
  • No highly toxic waste
  • Swiss quality product
  • Real light with a complete spectrum

They can be ordered online:

http://www.righi-licht.ch/topic12107.html (standard light bulbs, one needs to order 5 at least)

Unfortunately the shop is right now only available in German, though you can use translate.google.com or alike if there are problems.

Energy Usage at Home

Picture left: Energy usage at home, Light (Beleuchtung) 1,4% of the home energy usage (average), hope you can smell the rat!


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