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Orange mast scuppered by £200 Citizen Epidemiology survey

We were looking for this story, but although almost anyone in the community had heard about it, none could remember the exact facts, despite Alasdair Philips, special thx to him and to Iris Atzmon!

Perhaps we are all to much radiated to remember things like this? Anyway, there have been a couple of people interested in the story, so here is a short summary and links to the source.

Orange has withdrawn its application to install a mobile phone transmitter in the tower of St. Michael’s church in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. This unexpected development comes immediately after Green Audit (LLRC’s scientific advisers) began a local health survey.

St. Michael's church in Aberystwyth

So there seems something about it which might be used by others in order to try preventing a mobile phone mast installation? At first we thought it was a blood test (melatonin) that was going to be performed in the community. Although this has been done in Kempten-West (Germany) before and after a mobile phone mast installation and thanks to the fact people relinquished on their widespread DECT/WiFi crap, the measurements before and after the mobile phone mast installation showed dramatic changes, although they did nothing to help people get off the phone mast.

One of the main problems with cell phone towers, anyone despite (most) EHS want to use their mobile, but none wants a mast close, kind of catch 22 problem. Though the solution is simple, the more mobile phones the more towers are needed…;-(


Orange mast scuppered by £200 Citizen Epidemiology survey

The Kempten West Study from Germany (EN)


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