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A highly interesting overview about the well-established phenomenon of microwave hearing, even though many medicinal doctors will tell you it is all in your brain. Simply point them to the research conclusions of Motorola (download PDF below). From the paper:


Human perception of pulses of RF radiation is a well-established phenomenon that is not an adverse effect. RF-induced sounds are similar to other common sounds Microwave Hearingsuch as a click, buzz, hiss, knock or chirp. Furthermore, the phenomenon can be characterized as the perception of subtle sounds because, in general, a quiet environment is required for the sounds to be heard.”

So if you are in a quite environment such as a bedroom, while you want to sleep and now you are hearing one or another microwave sound (EMF-Sounds) constantly, this sounds to me in the lines of well known Chinese torture (Wikipedia)? Impudence to call this “not an adverse effect”.

I did luckily mention this microwave hearing only a very few times, I walked down a street and heard the terrible UMTS (EMF-Sounds) noise in my head, though just at a spot of about 2-3 meters! I went back and the sound came back at the same position. Accidentally I had a meter (HF meter comparison) with me and to my surprise it screamed exactly in the same 2-3 meters this UMTS sound! Before and after also, though with much lower readings, thus not so extreme in the meters speaker.

Download the complete paper (PDF)


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