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A. Presman, « Electromagnetic Fields and Life »

A classic which is very hard to obtain. I found the following customer review at Amazon I couldn’t write better, the book is with luck used available:

This is not one more book, but the foundation of a theory not yet understood and much more not yet accepted. It opens new frontiers in biology and life sciences. The role of electromagnetism is vital to the concept of life. Each cell should not be considered and studied as one unit, but as part of one organism (my though is that maybe the one organism should be considered as part of one ecosystem). If you are trying to answer how external electromagnetic fields can affect a living organism, then you will find unique the idea that field intensity is not the criterion. Weak fields can be more important than strong fields.

Anyway, this book is classical and rare. It revolutionizes life sciences, enters unexplored regions.[..]

About the Author: Alexander Presman was a well known Russian biophysicist
More information: Alexander Presman

Download the complete book: A. Presman, « Electromagnetic Fields and Life »

Hint, the file type needs a special viewer you can download for free if you don’t have it already: http://djvu.org/resources/


11 réponses à “A. Presman, « Electromagnetic Fields and Life »

  1. Janus juillet 31, 2011 à 08:21

    Hi Michael. The donload link for this book is dead.

  2. Janus juillet 31, 2011 à 10:08

    Hi Michael 🙂 I still have a problem with the link..

  3. paski juin 23, 2012 à 21:13

    hello michael
    the link to this book is not working!!
    i would like to read it.

  4. paski juin 26, 2012 à 11:47

    ok working now
    thanks for making these books available to the people !
    be well

  5. josh octobre 10, 2013 à 02:16

    it appears i need to pay a yearly fee to download the book??

    any ideas


  6. Chris Topher février 4, 2019 à 22:10

    The Link is no longer active. Could you please upload a new link?


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