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Study: Cell phone use and behavioral problems in young children

A highly interesting study has just been published, connecting mothers cell phone use during pregnancy aswoman-pregnant-no-cell-phone well as children exposure after birth with behavioral problems of those children. Though there are many names like Autism, ASD, ADHD and others for problems like this.

The study is an improvement over the original analysis that included nearly 13000 children who reached age 7 years by November 2006. To see if a larger group of children would produce similar results after considering additional confounder, children of mothers who might better represent current users of cell phones were analyzed. This ‘new’ dataset consisted of 28745 children with completed Age-7 Questionnaires to December 2008.

Results are shocking and reveal as in the prior study a direct connection between exposure to mobile phones and behavioral problems.

There is another highly interesting pilot study done by Dr. Klinghardt (MD) which found a highly significant correlation between measured EMFs (Body Voltage as well as HF/Microwaves) at children as well as mothers sleeping area and autism! Sure all levels he found were far below the official limits which protect you from not being barbecued in a few minutes. All these studies show the obvious correlation between diseases and EMF, while being not that expensive to accomplish at all.

Sadly it seems as if the authorities do not want to listen, while our children live is at stake! It has to be noted, that one of the authors of the study Prof. Dr. L. Kheifets is a member of the standing committee of ICNIRP!


6 pages (English) research report from the study with tables/etc.

3 Articles (English/German) about the study 3 Articles (English/German) about the study 3 Articles (English/German) about the study


2 réponses à “Study: Cell phone use and behavioral problems in young children

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    • Michael Heiming janvier 1, 2011 à 15:33

      Reading seems obviously not your strength, I seriously suspect to much mobile phone usage? Links removed…

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