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Censored or/and cut out by online Forum?

I have tried to write in various online forum to raise awareness, but was mostly censored and cut out quickly, how come?

Well, at most people haven’t understood the Internet at all, there is a special protocol (nntp port 119) for online discussion with tens of thousands newsgroups worldwide. But as none knew how to make cash from it, isn’t that well supported by most OS (Operating System). Most people use some version of M$ (Microsoft) which came with their PC, in the wrong opinion that it would be needed to power their PC.

Wrong, but then, Usenet the name of the nntp protocol is badly supported by M$, so people tried to reinvent the wheel, opening http online forum! This doesn’t work out, due to multiple reason, thus the nntp protocol was invented decades ago. But still new http forum pop up every other day.

So don’t wonder if you are being censored or/and thrown out from some online forum, this is normal, because people don’t know the Internet, have never heard about RFC-1855 and so on. They are damned to stay slaves of Rothschild till they are dead….


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