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‘Home fever’ is the new hay fever

According to a recent article from Allergy UK:

Allergy UK reveals millions are allergic to their own homes David-Dees-Esmog

Allergy UK predicts at least 12 million people(i) are allergic to their own home.

An out of season hay fever, dubbed as ‘home fever’, (Perennial Allergic Rhinitis) by Allergy UK is on the increase with more and more sufferers coming forward.

Research by Allergy UK found 58%(ii) of allergy sufferers react to house dust mites. Closing doors and windows and turning the heating up creates a breeding ground for these microscopic creatures.

But it’s not just dust that causes problems; 31% of sufferers are allergic to mould, and 45% of sufferers say their allergy is triggered by pets.[..]

Now those mentioned (possible) reasons are nothing new, so why do those problems pop up now, more and more? We suspect one big and mostly completely overlooked problem is the ever growing amount of EMF (microwave and others) radiating gadgets inside households, as well as radiation from neighbors and nearby mobile phone masts. In addition those light savings bulbs shouldn’t be overlooked, next to their high EMFs, they produce sick making light!

Those gadgets include DECT cordless phone and WiFi router, most of them radiate 24/7 and generate a toxic electro-smog cloud inside peoples homes, people can’t see, smell or feel. But there is a biological effect, our immune system is declined more and more. Then almost anything such as a tiny bit of mold, which would be normally easily handled by a healthy persons immune system, can make people sick.

Source article and additional information:


– RewireMe Magazine, second Edition

– Radiofrequency exposure in the French general population: band, time, location and activity variability


4 réponses à “‘Home fever’ is the new hay fever

  1. francequenneville février 13, 2012 à 07:26

    Effets du harcèlement par des armes psychotroniques (ex:micro-ondes)

    Electronic harassment

  2. Martin Weatherall février 14, 2012 à 10:30

    Letter to Allergy UK re above article

    Re – ‘Home Fever’ is the new Hay Fever

    Dear Allergy UK

    When Allergy UK says that there is no cure for the millions of people who suffer from the new allergy known as ‘Home Fever’, I beg to differ and I offer you a suggestion that may cure the vast majority of persons who suffer from this illness. It is obvious that a new ubiquitous environmental contaminant is causing or strongly influencing these new allergies. The most likely contaminant is electro magnetic radiation and, in particular, microwave radiation from wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless telephones, Wi Fi, wireless games, and radiation from outdoor antennas.

    My suggestion to persons suffering from « Home Fever » is to unplug cordless telephones and use wired telephones, unplug Wi Fi routers and use only safe wired connections to the internet, only turn on cell phones when they are needed for urgent situations, do not use other wireless devices, and shield your home from external antenna radiation. For an even better solution, people should try sleeping with the electricity in the bedrooms turned off at the main electrical panel.

    I am speaking from some experience, as I have suffered from electro-sensitivity for the last eight years. When I am exposed to microwave radiation from the above mentioned wireless devices, I suffer from allergic effects, including asthma type symptoms, as though someone were sitting on my chest. Also, testing has shown that my heart rate changes drastically and I develop irregular heartbeat when exposed. There are also many other more subtle « allergic » effects that I have experienced. The worst of all the effects was cancer. I am in touch with many other electro sensitive people around the world who report a vast array of allergic reactions.

    Every person in the world is allergic to electromagnetic radiation, the only thing that is at doubt is the level of exposure at which this occurs. Most governments and health agencies allow strong exposure levels as their safety standards but these are decided simply by considering thermal effects. They fail to take into consideration the thousands of biological effects that scientific research has discovered at levels of radiation that are below government safety standards. These effects have been reported over the last sixty years. It is the biological effects of microwave radiation that are most likely causing the allergies that your article reports. Many of these adverse health effects are documented and referenced in the scientific publication « The Bioinitiative Report », and can be viewed online at http://www.bioinitiative.org .

    The possible solutions that I have provided to you are cost free and very simple to try. Results are likely to be seen within hours or days. Please tell people about this possible cure for their illnesses and give them an opportunity to try the cure for themselves.

    Yours sincerely,

    Martin Weatherall
    Co Director WEEP

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  4. dust in the wind août 24, 2012 à 11:44

    Good article. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

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