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WiFi Lightning

Our city is a landscape of (invisible) networks. Three designers from Norway wanted to reveal this immaterial terrain. In their project titled Immaterials, Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen used light and long-exposure photography to capture the conduits of WiFi signals.

They built a WiFi measuring rod that visualises WiFi signal strength as a bar of lights.  The more lights activated on the rod, the stronger the signal is.

Great idea, although the sound one can hear in their video isn’t the sound of demodulated WiFi, a routers beacon signal (10 Hz) sounds like this:

Please use the Play button to listen. Click for more demodulated EMF sounds.

Mesure-OMS-320-WiFiNow if you are used to measuring EMFs, in the high frequency range WiFi is usually one of the lowest radiating issues. Unless you are pretty close to one of those 24/7 radiating WiFi routers of course. Sure just the signal strength doesn’t always describe biological impact. The left shows a spectrum analyze of WiFi radiation, which was btw taken directly in front of the WHO headquarter!

It would be perhaps helpful if people could see the fog of radiation they are bathing in, each day, may be this could make them thinking? Just that you can’t see, smell or hear it doesn’t mean it couldn’t harm you.

Especially the WiFi radiation seems to be pretty irritating, due to its 10 Hz (meaning 10 times per second) sharp beacon signal. This is inside humans brain waves, which on the other hand makes you wonder why this (pulse) frequency was selected?

Article Source: http://itsasmallweb.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/northern-lights-wifi-lights/


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