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Once again, true information suspressed!

Over and over again industrial spin doctors will suppress real information!

I added the following comment to:


Habe ich dazu geschrieben:

Hi Darius,

you tell people this « insufficient research data » to people since ages and will go on. There is a bunch of research that shows the opposite, one can read here:


Just Download the complete book.

Best regards

Michael Heiming

Of course Darius didn’t switched my comment free or even wrote me about it, he is just another spin doctor, hiding the truth from the public, as long as possible, despite he well knows how dangerous mobile phones are!


2 réponses à “Once again, true information suspressed!

  1. Michael Heiming décembre 21, 2012 à 20:53

    Comment on:


    Hi Darius!

    I know you do not even have the balls to even publish my comment. Just as if I post a link where one can download Robert C. Kane’s book!


    I am really glad you lost your job and your « research », which was just the work of an industrial payed spin doctor, has been brought to end! 😉

    Best regards

    Michael Heiming

  2. Michael Heiming décembre 23, 2012 à 17:17

    Surprisingly, Darius switched my above comment for whatever reason free on his page? 😉


    But then, his comment is as usual:

    « As I said previously, this book is already outdated…  »

    Of course just because a book is 10 years old and says 1+1 = 2, doesn’t make it wrong, Darius goes on: « As to your calling me “industrial payed spin doctor” – I am certain that this message is to some one else, because it seems that you do not know the proper meaning of these words in English… »

    Once again he has just 100% approved he is just another industrial spin doctor, hiding the truth from the public to get some Rothschild money in his pockets.


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