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Germany: Reverend Carsten Häublein dead (LTE 4g)!

Reverend Carsten Häuble †

Reverend Carsten Häublein †

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Dear friends and fellow human beings,

again a pretty sad message: Reverend Carsten Häublein is dead!

He has no longer endured the dramatic situation, the increase in high-frequency LTE (4g) torture, and ended his life.

We are stunned, shocked, paralyzed – wrestle with our minds and our hearts to words that meet our emotional state.

In April 2009 after a long search he had finally the opportunity to find a low radiation spot to live (in Schleswig-Holstein). Since summer 2006, transmission facilities were upgraded in Oberammergau, he couldn’t sleep anymore, and had suffered hellish torments and searched in different places refuge and slept in a low radiated forest. (The press had written extensively about the precarious health situation of many residents in Oberammergau.)

Pastor Carsten Häublein put his eggs in the last basket: Retiring from his pastoral profession of his by anyone so valued activity in Ammertal, moving to Schleswig-Holstein, where he found a small house, and finally was able to live symptom-free!

The « luck » did not last that long: Beginning July 2012 his health went down dramatically, LTE (fourth mobile phone generation for fast wireless Internet access – 4g) was in operation. The intolerable situation came to a head for him – and we could not help! The feeling of powerlessness, the devastating feeling not to be able to help, when he complained about « roaring, banging and hissing in the head » and desperate because of the feeling that the « whole body vibrated » – a feeling that was barely to endure for us. (Additional shielding brought only limited relief.)

Translator before evacuation from LTE radiation!

Translator before evacuation from LTE radiation!

For another relief, perceived as salvation, he finally saw no other way: how much courage it takes to commit this act of desperation? And how desperate must be a man who was taken any courage to go on living, to continue suffering in hope of a decent end to the agony?

We have been asked by entitled concerned individuals: Is it good to spread that he committed this act of desperation? If other people who are being held in the same despair, the spread of this message, perhaps brought the idea to follow his example?

Such shocking acts of desperation touch loved ones, relatives, friends and neighbors – but from the perspective of political leaders and the operators ‘disappears’ the suffering on a diabolical way from the surface of this world and the business can continue as usual! They are secured by this senseless official limits that demonstrably are not protecting us..

Pastor Carsten Häublein is not divorced his own life. For him there was no choice, but the only way to escape the unbearable torture.

With sad regards

Werner Funk
Suzanne Sohmer

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2 réponses à “Germany: Reverend Carsten Häublein dead (LTE 4g)!

  1. moi juillet 19, 2017 à 08:26

    he learned that hell is on earth

  2. Electrician's Daughter janvier 28, 2018 à 01:55

    I’m so sorry to hear (very belatedly) about your friend, the Reverend Häublein. I’m in USA & would like to validate the Reverend’s sufferings for any « non-believers » (in EMF bio-effects) as the same type of nightmarish/torture began here in latter April 2014.

    It began with the concrete floor vibrating & also a humming noise. It became worse in short measure when the bed began vibrating as well. Then one day shortly thereafter electrical-current literally began running up & down the INSIDE of my body. It went from legs to chest, paused in the gut vibrating my gut, then it went back down the legs & back up again several times. It was the FREAKIEST THING never before experienced ever, & not knowing what to make of it, I would not even say it out loud for about two weeks.

    From then on the « electrified atmosphere » & internal-vibration of body organs & floor & bed got even worse/stronger. You could almost SEE it as « twinkles in the air » as it would fill up the room & affect my eyes so bad they hurt like Hades DEEP DEEP DEEP BEHIND my eyes, teeth too would hurt like crazy (metal amalgams). One day that first Summer it was SO STRONG in the room I could literally hear a muffled radio station/people talking on the radio even though I had no radio on. Within the next few years I read that people with amalgams can have that happen as the amalgams act as an antenna. (There is a radio/TV tower not too far away, yet it never caused any problem for the prior six years to 2014, so I don’t know if it is causing the problems since April 2014 or not. I eventually came to learn about Smart Meters & what is happening here seems to match what Smart Meters do to the electrical system, especially the two-way « Advanced Metering Infrastructure » (AMI). It never occurred to me that it could be LTE. I’m not sure when they began with that in this area but I will see if I can find out.)

    It also continuously vibrates my head/brain, eyeballs, chest/heart/lungs, gut, bladder, ovaries, several times as long as THREE WEEKS WITHOUT LETUP (in intensity) so all I can do is stay in horizontal position on the bed being tortured non-stop & no way to get away from it as it paralyzes your ability to think, plan, function.

    It has been so bad you could literally feel an « electrical » type current almost up to the knees when walking along the concrete/carpeted floor. And, especially during the first 2+1/2 years, it was impossible to get near any of the sinks/plumbing/pipes as they also vibrated outward a very strong « electrical » current themselves. Even the toilet & the floor around it vibrates very strongly many times!

    This past July 2017, when they cranked it up stronger one day, it vibrated the floor/bed so strong that it jolted me awake (5am) & at the same instant it knocked a big package of drinking waters onto the floor with a loud crash! (Of course, it has woken me up ZILLIONS OF TIMES with the vibrations, but that was the first time it caused anything to crash to the floor.)

    In the first few years (2014+) when they would crank it up, it would very often literally cause my bed to JERK &/or literally WOBBLE back & forth!

    When it is vibrating, whether Mlld-Medium-Strong, you can feel it worse once you LIE DOWN flat in the bed, & it is MISERABLE beyond belief as there is NO WAY your brain can ever actually SLEEP the way it is supposed to with it being vibrated. Yes, you can actually feel the INSIDE of your head, your actual BRAIN being vibrated. The only thing that helps a little to stop feeling « brain vibration » is if I put my hand between my face & the pillow.

    (The powerlines are underground here as are the « Smart Meter » pipes which run down from the Smart-Meters on the outside end of the multi-unit building, running underground & then upward to each unit’s circuit-breaker-panel). One « govt. expert witness »/engineer (Exponent Inc.) said under cross-examination in a 2010-British Columbia (Canada) hearing re Smart Meters, that RF can penetrate the ground 39 inches deep! (See ThermoGuy dot com website, he’s got those BC-SmartMeter hearing transcripts.)

    Another good-guy engineer on our side, said in an online interview, that « When they [utilities] fire those things up [Smart Meters], that they shoot magnetic fields to the ground & those magnetic fields then run all along the ground & into your house… » So that MAY be why it feels like the concrete floor vibrates & from there my bed & body & why it can feel like there is « electrical current » up to your knees & why it gets into the plumbing/pipes system. He said there are filters you can buy (VERY EXPENSIVE) that you put between the Smart Meter & grounding rod (but what if the electrical is grounded to the plumbing?) & other filters that you put inside your circuit breaker panel for each « phase. » One stops the magnetic fields, the latter stops the « dirty electricity, » if I am remembering correctly. He lives in a house among 12 houses, & 9 of those 12 homeowners agreed to get the filters he suggested, so he says they are surviving pretty well there. But I wonder, what if you are in a multi-unit building? Would the filters do any good if all the other people in the other units don’t have the same filters? They are very expensive filters, he said, a few thousand bucks! People who are not suffering would NOT be willing to fork out the money because they absolutely would not believe it.

    RE: « ROARING »!

    FOUR TIMES that first year, twice in August 2014, once in September 2014, & once in December 2014, while the entire unit & my internal organs were already being strongly vibrated, their « system » went entirely OUT OF CONTROL, it went BERZERK STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE OR SINCE. I describe those four occasions as « It SKYROCKETED THROUGH THE ROOF » in INTENSITY, beyond belief. It VIOLENTLY was vibrating my chest cavity & the torturing « electrical current » in the room was SWIRLING around me on the bed like an invisible Category-5 TORNADO VORTEX, & the NOISE it was making was a SUPER LOUD « ROARING » ( > I had used the SAME exact word the Reverend used to describe it!). It was SUCH A LOUD ROARING it sounded as if there were a half-dozen huge helicopters hovering over the high metal roof. That’s exactly what it sounded like, ROARING jet engines &/or ROARING huge-chopper engines, & I do not think it was « all in my head. » Three of those four times it only lasted 20-30 minutes at that level, but the one time in September 2014 it lasted TWO & ONE-HALF HOURS non-stop at that « SKYROCKET » level of Intensity, ROARING the entire time!

    All the rest of the time it fluctuates between Mild-Medium-Strong Intensity + « Electrical »-Vibration-Intensity. It was/still is worse beginning Spring/March every year when it begins INCREASING Intensity. The only months it would be more Mild than Strong was like January-February (South USA, not as hot/humid outside so less « electical juice/amps/current » is being pumped by the utilities &/or their « Smart Grid »). In the FALL (Sept.-Oct.-Nov.-Dec.) it changes from « shorter » STRONG Intensities with more Mild breaks in between (as in Spring/Summer), to LONGER non-stop Mild-to-Medium Intensities (days at a time) with LESS Mild-breaks in between. Also in the Fall it seems to be more like a DEEP DEEP ELF (that literally cuts off your ability to breathe as it occurred THREE WEEKS NON-STOP in Nov. 2016) than higher EMF. I’m thinking the change in weather hampers the one/higher-EMFs while the other/ELF takes precedence, but I’m not an engineer so I’m describing it in layman’s terms.

    It’s a miracle I’m even still alive as I have felt like the Reverend MANY MANY MANY MANY times! The entire upper left quadrant of my head must be near destroyed (feel like I could « stroke out » in my left temple at any time) & my left eye is ruined & there is & has been since 2014 DEEP pain DEEP behind that eye; it is total blurry now & oftentimes with a white haze over it that blinds (I read that EMFs cause cataracts BEHIND the eye rather than in FRONT of it). The right eye is getting worse now as well. Every Summer the eyes get worse, always after another Summer of the stronger intensities. As of this past 2017 Summer, I now have « screen blindness » on the computer & have to make everything with black background with white/grey or colored text just to be able to see it. And I « live in the dark » as much as possible since all light bothers me.

    One thing is for sure, EMR/EMF destroys your ability to THINK, PLAN, FOLLOW-THROUGH. During the many hours, days, weeks I would just lie in bed (on my right side) being tortured with the ferocious-intensity, I could LITERALLY FEEL IT BEATING+PULSING on that left side of my head/eye & LITERALLY could FEEL it WIPING OUT any thoughts & any ABILITY to even THINK a thought & HOLD ON to that thought. It literally WIPES YOUR BRAIN. I can’t even make a shopping list anymore. All of 2017 I tried to shop online for vitamins & I can never finish, so I’m out of everything. When they have it cranked up, even at MILD intensity, it still electrically-vibrates you, so I can’t do any « serious thinking » (as is required for shopping, hunting, finding, deciding, choosing items, etc.) It also IRRITATES your CNS/nervous system to death, no matter what level of intensity, whether Mild-Medium-Strong so you just feel like screaming all the time. :-/ I don’t know how the Reverend faired, but me & God have a WHOLE LOT OF ARGUMENTS when this crap is cranked up! Why does He just sit up there WATCHING & DOING NOTHING TO HELP? This crap is a faith-destroyer for sure, but I suppose that’s exactly what the bad-guys want. So the Devil is winning this round.

    So I’ve got one more short little month of « lesser torture » than the rest of the year. Last February 2017 it stayed SUPER MILD the ENTIRE MONTH which was a miracle, but after the first week of March 2017, it cranked back up in Intensity, as I said before.

    When it is cranked up, it also makes your heart/chest HURT LIKE CRAZY as if your heart is being STABBED & will STOP beating at any second. And when it vibrates your bladder, that is also extreme torture because, as you know, the bladder is always slowly « filling up, » & since MWR loves water (& urine is mostly water), I think that’s why it vibrates the bladder so bad. I could be full of cancers by now for all I know. Doctors don’t know beans about this crap so I have no desire to visit one.

    FWIW, I was Dx’d with Chronic-Reactivated Epstein-Barr Virus several decades ago (blood work off the charts), & I’ve since read in the past few years (post-2014) that people w/CEBV (&/or Lyme disease) are prone to feel the EMR-tortures. I also had encephalitis in the early 1990s so « brain inflammation » comes with that. And I also had a head injury as a kid (left side eyebrow bone), had stitches, hit head on the side of a concrete pool. In fairly recent months I saw an EMF research study re HEAD INJURIES & « EHS. » From that I learned that our SENSORY ORGANS are regulated by the part of the brain at the ORBITO-FRONTAL CORTEX which sit RIGHT ABOVE our EYEBROW BONES. Quote from that HEUSER research study:

    « The abnormality was often described as hyper connectivity of the anterior component of the default mode in the medial orbitofrontal area … Interestingly, the differential diagnosis for the abnormalities seen on the fMRI includes head injury. It turns out that many of our patients indeed had a history of head injury which was then followed sometime later by the development of EHS »:
    –Wiki says the name orbitofrontal cortex « …gets its name from its position immediately above the orbits in which the eyes are located. »
    –A good rotating-head/brain .gif image showing the orbitofrontal cortex is here: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/72/Orbital_gyrus_animation_small2.gif
    –A side-view of same w/damage-description here:

    Of course I reject & abhor the « EHS » &/or « ES » titles which are as LAME as the « CFS » title! The truth re so-called « EHS » is that EMFs « INDUCE CURRENT » (AMPS) in our bodies & the induction of current is the technical description for ELECTROCUTION. So the Reverend, myself, & many others are being ELECTROCUTED, hence the TORTURES when they crank that shyte up! (See same ThermoGuy dot com site. He has info about that & more). EMFs polarize & depolarize our cells double the number of the frequency, like the plus & minus on a battery at each end. So a 900 MHz frequency of a Smart Meter or celltower, etc. would be 900,000,000 Hertz x 2 = 1.8 BILLION oscilations/vibrations PER SECOND. THAT is what is causing the ELECTROCUTION TORTURE.

    Well, this is long enough. Thank you for « listening. » The « vibes » are somewhat Mild today (though still barely « there » in a mild-pulsing kind of way). For all the naysayers who think the Reverend was a cop-out or had « mental problems, » I’ve got news. THIS EMR-EMF & it’s PHYSICAL TORTURE DEFINITELY DOES make you want to die, there’s NO DOUBT about it! When it is in stronger mode & or continues for days at a time without let-up, I tell God every single time to go ahead & kill me off & get it OVER WITH!


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