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GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G)

For a comparison of how the 3 (GSM, UMTS, LTE) systems look in view of a meter we have created the following animations:

GSM Basestations

GSM Basestations

GSM Basestations, small bandwidth, pulsing depending on usage of channels. Roughly 200 kHz per channel.

124 channels for GSM 900, which is shown left. Meaning theoretical (without taking signalling channels into acount) about 950 simultaneous calls possible.

GSM data bandwidth:

GPRS: 56Kbit/s
EDGE: 236.8 kbit/s

Listen to the demodulated GSM sound, this is what your body is constantly radiated with:

UMTS Basestations

UMTS Basestations

UMTS Basestations, bandwidth 5 MHz, we see here 12x2x5MHz, so 120 channels, each supporting about 130 simultanous phone calls, so theoretical 15600 calls.

UMTS data bandwidth:

UMTS: 384 kbit/s
HSDPA: 14,400 kbit/s – 14.4 Mb/s

Listen to the demodulated UMTS sound, this is what your body is constantly radiated with:



LTE Basestation

LTE Basestation

LTE Basestation, this shows only a single provider with 10 MHz bandwidth.

LTE shows as in the animation high pulsing when the channel is not completely used. The radiation seems lower, though this is only due to a larger distance from the base station during measuring.

LTE Sound:

This is in the works, but needs an additional USB soundcard, to provide « line in », in order to record from the meter directly. The below seems most suitable for Linux:

Amazon DE: Behringer UCA222 USB/Audio Interface

Amazon UK: Behringer UCA222 USB/Audio Interface

If anyone has this unused flowing around and could provide us with it, we’d be very thankful. It seems there is no mp3 file with the LTE sound online available?

Before taking part in the poll, be sure to sign this petition, concerning LTE, thx

More EMF sounds can be listened and downloaded here: EMF Sounds


7 réponses à “GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G)

  1. nous autres ;-) octobre 14, 2014 à 12:24

    So, what is the worst?
    Gsm? EDGE? Umts? LTE?
    I’d like to find out, in order to restrain my phone with the less damaging bandwidth connection.
    thx for your work 😉

  2. Electrician's Daughter janvier 27, 2018 à 21:26

    Very cool live-graphs you have there! Do you guys have 5G yet? It will be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from all prior « generations » because it will be « phased array. » Here’s an article that explains it, FYI:

    by Arthur Firstenberg, Founder, The Cellular Phone Task Force (1996)

  3. Electrician's Daughter janvier 27, 2018 à 21:37

    One more curiosity question:

    Do you guys have SMART METERS? If so, is it possible to harness (via animated-graph &/or via EMF-Sound) of the Pulsed-MWR-RF as it travels from the Smart Meter outside through to the circuit breaker panel INSIDE your residence & from there throughout all the inside-wiring in the building?

    My guess is that if you have copper wiring &/or a lot of metal in the building (metal beams, metal roof, rebar, etc.) it is more likely to be heard, humming, warbling, rumbling, thrumming [faster], depending on power-density/intensity increase. It also causes vibration of floors/walls/bed/body’s internal organs. A real nightmare. It’s been happening here since April 2014, I think due to the « Advanced Metering Infrastructure » (AMI).


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