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WHO predicts ‘imminent human disaster’

Germany: Cancer rates in men +90% since 1990

Shocking truth, cancer rates in Germany are for women +40% and a whooping +90% for men since 1990!

The reason for this devastating fact is told to be anything but of course not the since the mid 1990 ever increasing electromagnetic radiation, no matter if mobile phones, masts, DECT cordless phones, WiFi, Bluetooth and so on, every year there is more and more radiation.

Now with smart phones, smart grid, smart house and and and, you can expect cancer rates to climb more and more.  Even the WHO is expecting another sharp rise of about 70% in cancer incidents in the next two decades. Guess it will be much mire then this! Sure EMF are not the sole reason, GMO food, DU-ammuntion, Chemtrails and various other things come to my mind, although EMF seem to play a major role, simply by drowning down our immune system.

In addition we have the problem with second hand radiation so even if you do not use a mobile phone it is next to Mother Child mobile phone second hand radiationimpossible to hide yourself from second hand radiation, from the ever growing smart phone addicted folks! Second hand radiation, especially the magnetic radiation in the near field, does not stop in front of unborn, babies/etc.! It seems we the people are destroying the upcoming generations in exchange for some completely brain dead talking,texting and apps!

Source articles with more information (German):

Der Bund.ch: Viel mehr Krebskranke in Deutschland

Handelsblatt: Zahl der Krebskranken wird drastisch steigen

Blick.ch: Anstieg von 14 auf 20 Millionen Krebs-Erkrankten bis 2025

Krebs-Prognose: Anstieg um 40 Prozent bis 2025

Source articles with more information (English):

– The Guardian: Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 20 years

-CNN: WHO: Imminent global cancer


GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G)

For a comparison of how the 3 (GSM, UMTS, LTE) systems look in view of a meter we have created the following animations:

GSM Basestations

GSM Basestations

GSM Basestations, small bandwidth, pulsing depending on usage of channels. Roughly 200 kHz per channel.

124 channels for GSM 900, which is shown left. Meaning theoretical (without taking signalling channels into acount) about 950 simultaneous calls possible.

GSM data bandwidth:

GPRS: 56Kbit/s
EDGE: 236.8 kbit/s

Listen to the demodulated GSM sound, this is what your body is constantly radiated with:

UMTS Basestations

UMTS Basestations

UMTS Basestations, bandwidth 5 MHz, we see here 12x2x5MHz, so 120 channels, each supporting about 130 simultanous phone calls, so theoretical 15600 calls.

UMTS data bandwidth:

UMTS: 384 kbit/s
HSDPA: 14,400 kbit/s – 14.4 Mb/s

Listen to the demodulated UMTS sound, this is what your body is constantly radiated with:



LTE Basestation

LTE Basestation

LTE Basestation, this shows only a single provider with 10 MHz bandwidth.

LTE shows as in the animation high pulsing when the channel is not completely used. The radiation seems lower, though this is only due to a larger distance from the base station during measuring.

LTE Sound:

This is in the works, but needs an additional USB soundcard, to provide « line in », in order to record from the meter directly. The below seems most suitable for Linux:

Amazon DE: Behringer UCA222 USB/Audio Interface

Amazon UK: Behringer UCA222 USB/Audio Interface

If anyone has this unused flowing around and could provide us with it, we’d be very thankful. It seems there is no mp3 file with the LTE sound online available?

Before taking part in the poll, be sure to sign this petition, concerning LTE, thx

More EMF sounds can be listened and downloaded here: EMF Sounds

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Once again, true information suspressed!

Over and over again industrial spin doctors will suppress real information!

I added the following comment to:


Habe ich dazu geschrieben:

Hi Darius,

you tell people this « insufficient research data » to people since ages and will go on. There is a bunch of research that shows the opposite, one can read here:


Just Download the complete book.

Best regards

Michael Heiming

Of course Darius didn’t switched my comment free or even wrote me about it, he is just another spin doctor, hiding the truth from the public, as long as possible, despite he well knows how dangerous mobile phones are!

Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner umgebracht?

Wir haben bisher unbestätigte Berichte der bekannte und streitbare Kämpfer, Arzt und Gutachter im Dienste der Gesundheit

Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner

gegen den drathlosen Wahnsinn, Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner ist ums Leben gekommen?

Es wird vermutet er wurde in seinem Münchener Haus unter Einwirkung von starker elektromagnetischer Strahlung quasi ins Jenseits befördert?

Der Umweltmediziner Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner legt beunruhigende Zusammenhänge dar, zwischen den Untertaktungen bei GSM Mobilfunk und der für unseren Körper so wichtigen Schumann Resonanz, die teilweise sehr eng beieinander liegen. Hier geht es um Bewusstseinskontrolle, könnten hier die Gründe für sein anscheinendes Ableben liegen?

Wer mehr zu diesem tragischen Fall berichten kann, bitte einen Kommentar hinterlassen! Wir sind bestürzt.

Update (16.06.2012):

In the comments you find a link to:

Todesanzeige/Death noticee

Ein großer Verlust für die gesamte « kritische Mobilfunkszene » die mit Dr. Scheiner einen der wertvollsten Mitstreiter verliert! Unsere Kodolenz an die Familie.

Dariusz Leszczynski on “Robert C. Kane – Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette”

Dariusz Leszczynski on “Robert C. Kane – Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette”

“Michael, it is an old book that would need to be updated using present day science.”

He didn’t mentioned what needs an update? After he wouldn’t allow a link to the book, after I put the link to the book two times in a reply to his post “Childhood Cancer 2012 conference in London, UK” on his blog:


Robert C. Kane - Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette - CoverAnd the following comments, after his last comment he even removed the possibility to answer back to his blog!

Now what does this mean?

  • He and the mobile phone industry are pretty much afraid about the book “Robert C. Kane – Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette”, it had been written by a top Motorola developer, who died from brain cancer a few years ago, not until he had finished this book: Robert C. Kane – Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette (Download the book from the URL)
  • Of course his argument is nonsense, if a math book that is decades old says 1+1=2, is it wrong because it is old? Of course not. the same is true for the above book.
  • The problem, all those studies (hundreds) cited in the book had been done long before the mobile phone industry took off, thus the dangers were very well known long before the technology was ready to give it even to children!

A quote from the book (page 13):

What we learn is that a repeated insult or irritation to a particular biological area, such as a small region of the brain, can lead to irreparable damage. That is, given the existence of energy absorption « hot spots, » the existence of which have been verified by numerous researchers, then each damaging exposure to radio frequency radiation provides a new opportunity that the damage will become permanent.

You’ll find hundreds of studies in the book you might not have heard about?

(page 191)

The telecommunications industry would never have grown to the global force, with virtually unlimited power, that we know it to have today if it accepted the scientific research. So the industry did as has been done throughout history. The

industry developed a « belief » system. The wonderful thing about a « belief » system is that it doesn’t require any scientific findings. And any contrary findings that do develop are easily dismissed—as being unbelievable.

The book has been published 2001, but vanished quickly from the bookstores, as you can see from Dariusz Leszczynski’s writting it makes those in charge still pretty nervous.

Now grab your copy, make your own mind and circulate it, the more people who read it the better.


Research: Future Smartphones looking through walls

Team Finds New Possibilities in Untapped Terahertz Range With Implications For a Host of Devices

Dr. Kenneth O, director of the Texas Analog Center of Excellence and Dae Yeon Kim

Dr. Kenneth O, director of the Texas Analog Center of Excellence and Dae Yeon Kim

Comic book hero superpowers may be one step closer to reality after the latest technological feats made by researchers at UT Dallas. They have designed an imager chip that could turn mobile phones into devices that can see through walls, wood, plastics, paper and other objects.

“We’ve created approaches that open a previously untapped portion of the electromagnetic spectrum for consumer use and life-saving medical applications,” said Dr. Kenneth O, professor of electrical engineering at UT Dallas and director of the Texas Analog Center of Excellence(TxACE).  “The terahertz range is full of unlimited potential that could benefit us all.”

Using the new approach, images can be created with signals operating in the terahertz (THz) range without having to use several lenses inside a device. This could reduce overall size and cost.

The second advance that makes the findings applicable for consumer devices is the technology used to create the microchip. Chips manufactured using CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) technology form the basis of many consumer electronic devices used in daily life such as personal computers, smart phones, high definition TV and game consoles.


Just another possible health hazard, there seems no doubt taking our failure by design money system into account, this invention will get sooner or later into the market without any prior health/environment check, as it is the rule. Victims will have a very hard time to prove their problems against a mighty industry, with nearly unlimited cash.

Source, other languages:

The University of Dallas Texas – New Research Could Mean Cellphones That Can See Through Walls

Der Standard – Forscher entwickeln Smartphones, die durch Wände sehen – Röntgenblick

Reported functional impairments of electrohypersensitive Japanese: A questionnaire survey

Yasuko Kato a,∗, Olle Johansson b

Yasuko Kato

a VOC-EMF Measures Research Association, Sapporo, Japan
b The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Prof. Olle Johansson

Prof. Olle Johansson

An increasing number of people worldwide complain that they have become electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS). We conducted a questionnaire survey of EHS persons in Japan. The aim was to identify electromagnetic fields (EMF) and plausible EMF sources that caused their symptoms.
Postal questionnaires were distributed via a self-help group, and 75 participants (95% women) responded. Reported major complaints were “fatigue/tiredness” (85%), “headache”, “concentration, memory, and thinking” difficulty (81%, respectively). Seventy-two per cent used some form of complementary/alternative therapy.
The most plausible trigger of EHS onset was a mobile phone base station or personal handy-phone system (37%). Sixty-five percent experienced health problems to be due to the radiation from other passengers’ mobile phones in trains or buses, and 12% reported that they could not use public transportation at all. Fifty-three percent had a job before the onset, but most had lost their work and/or experienced a decrease in income. Moreover, 85.3% had to take measures to protect themselves from EMF, such as moving to low EMF areas, or buying low EMF electric appliances. EHS persons were suffering not only from their symptoms, but also from economical and social problems.


The study shows clearly that overall EHS persons face more or less the same problems around the world. Of course there are certain differences, beside mild case, who might not even know they became electro hypersensitive, there are pretty heavy cases who have to hide from the radiation in some cave, in order to survive. Although those cases are rare, the majority is affected to a degree that they just can’t live a normal life in this wireless society, as they just can’t take the load of WiFi, DECT and cell phone radiation at an usual work place.

Complete Study, more information:

Kato_&_Johansson_2012-2 (PDF)

CH/TF: première approbation d’un plan communal pour antennes de téléphonie – Bundesgericht segnet Standortmodell für Mobilfunkantennen ab

Lausanne (awp/ats) – Le Tribunal fédéral (TF) a donné son feu vert à un plan destiné à réglementer l’implantation des antennes Mobilfunk Antennende téléphonie mobile dans les différentes zones de la commune d’Urtenen-Schönbühl (BE). Il a débouté les opérateurs Swisscom, Orange et Sunrise.

Ces trois entreprises avaient contesté cette planification, approuvée en 2005 par les citoyens de la localité. Le nouveau règlement prévoit que les antennes doivent être installées en priorité dans les zones non destinées à l’habitat.

Das Bundesgericht hat erstmals eine kommunale Standortplanung für Mobilfunkantennen abgesegnet. Betroffen ist die Berner Gemeinde Urtenen-Schönbühl, deren Kaskaden-Modell für eine möglichst geringe Belastung von Wohnzonen auch andernorts Schule machen könnte.
Mit ihrem Entscheid haben die Richter in Lausanne die von den Mobilfunkbetreibern Swisscom, Orange und Sunrise erhobenen Beschwerden im Wesentlichen abgewiesen. Sie hatten sich gegen die von den Stimmbürgern in Urtenen-Schönbühl 2005 angenommene Standortplanung für Mobilfunkantennen zur Wehr gesetzt.
Kommentar: Ein kleiner Schritt in die richtige Richtung, mit dem Urteil brauchen sich Gemeinden nicht länger von den Betreibern vorschreiben lassen wo Sie ihre Antennen hinstellen, sondern können selber eine sinnvolle Planung betreiben, wie ein Antennenstandort für alle Betreiber mit einem sehr hohen Mast (nicht im Wohngebiet), sieht hässlich aus und ist teuer, sorgt aber für geringe Strahlungsbelastung.

Source/Quellen, more information:

Le Temps – CH/TF: Première approbation d’un plan communal pour antennes de téléphonie.

Bilan – CH/TF: Première approbation d’un plan communal pour antennes de téléphonie.

Langenthaler Tagblatt – Bundesgericht segnet Standortmodell für Mobilfunkantennen ab

Blick.ch – Bundesgericht segnet Standortmodell für Mobilfunkantennen ab

Bundesgericht Laussane – Bundesgericht Laussane, Link zum Urteil

Österreichischen Ärztekammer: Leitlinien EMF-bezogene Beschwerden und Krankheiten (EMF-Syndrom)

Konsensus-Papier der ÖÄK AG-EMFÖÄK Logo

Verabschiedet bei der Sitzung der Referenten für Umweltmedizin der Landesärztekammern und der Österreichischen Ärztekammer am 3. März 2012 in Wien.


Unspezifische – oft stressassoziierte – Beschwerden nehmen stark zu. Immer öfter
stellen sie die Kollegenschaft vor komplexe differentialdiagnostische
Herausforderungen. Neben chronischem Stress im Sozial- und Arbeitsumfeld, ist die
Zunahme der Elektrosmogbelastung in Haushalt, Arbeit und Freizeit eine bisher
wenig beachtete Ursache. Dies korreliert mit dem Bild von chronischer Überlastung
bis zum Burnout.

Wie kann man als Arzt auf diese Entwicklung reagieren?

Die Ärztekammer hat eine Leitlinie für Differentialdiagnostik und Therapieansätze
bei unspezifischen stressbezogenen Beschwerden durch Elektrosmog entwickelt.


Eine ausgezeichnete Idee hier Ärzten etwas an die Hand zu geben, um solche immer häufiger auftretenden Beschwerden, event. besser deuten zu können. In Österreich scheint es bekannt zu sein, das der Mensch ein elektromagnetisches Wesen ist, dass auf Störungen von außen empfindliche reagieren kann.

Damit schreitet Österreich voran, man kann nur hoffen das weitere Länder folgen und Geschädigte endlich Hilfe und Anerkennung bekommen, anstatt wie häufig auf ganze miese Art psychiatrisiert zu werden! Weil es die Medien Mind Control so weit gebracht hat, das Betroffenen meist noch nicht mal von eigenen Angehörigen geglaubt wird!

Quelle:EMF-Leitlinie der ÖÄK (PDF)