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EMF Sounds

Each electromagnetic source has it’s own characteristic sound, which is demodulated by broadband-meters to allow evaluating the source from the sound. Although GSM-900 and GSM-1800 can’t be differentiated by their sound as it is the same. Other sources are easily detectable, here are a couple of examples. If you’d like to listen to some other source, please contact us.

Use the embedded Player Embedded MP3 Player to listen or download the file (right click the download button below the embedded Player, chose « Save Link/Target as… »

Name Sound
HAARP High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Download/Telecharge File
TETRA TErrestrial Trunked Radio (government agencies, emergency services, (Police, Fire Departments, Ambulance), rail transportation staff, transport services and Military. TETRA Basestation
Download/Telecharge File
DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting -Terrestrial (aka. digital TV) DVB-T
Download/Telecharge File
GSM 2. Generation Mobile Phone GSM Mobile Phone
Download/Telecharge File
GSM 2. Generation Mobile Phone Base Station Transmitter (BST) GSM Basestation
Download/Telecharge File

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (Common technology wireless phones at home use, max. 400 meter distance)

DECT Base FarDownload/Telecharge FileDECT Base NearDownload/Telecharge File

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (3. Generation), Base Station (Node-B)

UMTS (3G) BasestationDownload/Telecharge File
iPhone (3G) Apple iPhone (3G Mode/Standby?) The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Apple iPhone (3G Mode?)Download/Telecharge File
Apple I-Phone (Standby?)Download/Telecharge File

Wireless Local Area Network/Wireless Fidelity (Wireless computer network for short distance (max. 100 meters), such as Internet Connection at home)

WLAN/WiFi Router Stand-ByDownload/Telecharge File

Proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances using microwaves.

Bluetooth Standby
Download/Telecharge FileBluetooth Working
Download/Telecharge File
WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (wireless computer network for medium distance up to a few/couple kilometer/miles) Download/Telecharge File
RADAR RAdio Detection And Ranging – Radar is an object detection system that uses electromagnetic waves to identify the range, altitude, direction, or speed of both moving and fixed objects such as aircraft, ships, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain.

Airport RADAR dish

Download/Telecharge File

LTE (4G) 4th Generation Mobile phone Basestation


Download/Telecharge File

34 réponses à “EMF Sounds


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  3. beautiful widgets août 16, 2011 à 08:05

    I agree with your EMF Sounds Micro-ondes, fantastic post.

  4. Vicary décembre 4, 2011 à 18:23

    Just wanna know if the broken links to those sounds will be recovered some day.

  5. John mai 6, 2012 à 12:46

    Thanks for this, but the Files have gone again

    • Michael Heiming mai 6, 2012 à 18:08

      Hi John!

      Thx for your heads up! I see the free file service I was using for the sound files, as a free wordpress account doesn’t allow those files, once again disabled my account! ;-( I have no setup another service (http://www.fileden.com) which hopefully work better in the long run? We’ll see, for now everything is up an running again on the EMF Sound page.



      • John mai 7, 2012 à 14:16

        Thanks Michael, I have linked to this page on my website (on Home page and Links page) http://wavegoodbye.info (a comprehensive, one-stop guide for beginners to help Wave Goodbye to pulsed microwaves and electrosmog and so return to full health)

        I have a couple of suggestions:

        1) Add a WiFi router ‘in use’ recording – just watch a video, for example, over the WiFi and record again – it makes a helluva racket! A LOT more microwave pulses are being sent.

        2) Similarly, add a laptop/PC/Smartphone in WiFi standby (pretty quiet) and laptop/PC/Smartphone in use – again much more noisy!

        3) Add in a smartphone in mobile Data mode – both in standy (still a lot of transmissions going on) and in data transfer mode (eg web access) when there’s a LOT of transmissions going on. (Data mode should always be turned OFF when not in use beacause of this, especially when in a car – if one HAS to use a mobile at all that is – I don’t!)

        3) Maybe add a mobile dongle transmitting too

        4) DECT Baby Alarm would be good (even if it is similar to DECT base)

        5) A) iPad/ iPhone and Blackberry in standby (with others nearby) – apparently they make there presence know to others to chatter to each other, acting as bridging base stations for other ones to piggy back through if you have a signal and they don’t. B) This one might take some setting up! Ideally, have one iphone i range of a tower and another not in range, but near enough to the one that IS in range, and that one shoul dstart making a noise as it retransmits data and/or calls.

        Many thanks for this site

      • Michael Heiming mai 7, 2012 à 15:05


        thx for the suggestions! The link on your page points btw to your comment on this page. It would be better to link just to the page https://microondes.wordpress.com/emf-sounds/ which should be easier for people, as they don’t have to scroll up?

        Your suggestions sound interesting. Though I don’t have all these devices at my fingertips, but I’ll see what I can do. In reality I don’t have much wireless devices, despite for instance the ADSL router (that came with WiFi), which we are using with cables and the WiFi is turned off.

        Best regards


  6. John mai 9, 2012 à 12:21

    Thanks – have updated the links! WiFi ones can be done easily if you renable wireless for a couple of minutes, but iphones would be more challanging – I don’t think anyone has done that yet! btw – I don’t get email notifications of these replies you give, despite box beiong ticked below

    • Michael Heiming mai 9, 2012 à 13:13


      well done! I have added some (2) iPhone sounds, with question mark, as I haven’t recorded them myself. But I’ll check if I can find someone with an iPhone to double check. Though there are various versions of it, which could depending on the technology used, also make a difference.

      Best regards

      Regarding the email alert on responses, this seems out of my control, but a wordpress feature, you might like to check your Spam folder, sometimes things like this end up there?

      • John mai 9, 2012 à 18:09

        Good to get iphone recordings in – and that’s in standby? wow! Yes – depends on how used.

        Definately no emails notifications (and not in spam/junk folder – I don’t use them!)

        Well done

  7. wostavelot janvier 29, 2013 à 14:21

    I recorded the iPhone sounds from my computer speaker because the download links do not (or no longer) link to an MP3 or other sound file. I got a pretty useable copy. Gee… I wonder if someone at Apple might not be hacking into your site from time to time to screw up the links (and only the links) for their phone’s noise. What do you think?

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  10. Elan janvier 5, 2014 à 09:52

    The download links don’t work for me either. It asks to me to sign up for a FileDen account.

  11. Marek janvier 16, 2014 à 17:50

    Link are down

  12. Deanna Munson janvier 18, 2014 à 23:36

    i am not getting any sound either,for any of them,to listen to or download

    • Michael Heiming février 3, 2014 à 11:11

      All sounds have been restored, thx for your heads up! 😉


      • Odd Magne Hjortland février 20, 2014 à 21:54

        Thanks for gathering this information. Only problem is that I cannot listen to or download the sounds.


      • Michael Heiming février 22, 2014 à 21:23

        Hi Odd-Magne!

        I have just double checked this. Sounds is working well for me, albeit there seems some time until the sound is loaded. I will look into the issue, but if you allow 10-20 or a bit more seconds for loading things work just fine.

        Best regards


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  17. jan décembre 16, 2015 à 00:58

    nope, not one of those mp3 files is working..guess the cell companies dont want people to know?

  18. Jean février 23, 2016 à 18:14

    I am not able to get any sound, and receive an error message when downloading.

  19. nicht gefunden juillet 19, 2017 à 06:55

    the sounds are not working

  20. Electrician's Daughter janvier 27, 2018 à 21:19

    Hello! It’s January 2018, quite a few years from the last comment above. I’m in USA & none of the audio EMF sound files will play, nor will they download. I get this error message: « Video playback aborted due to network error. » The files are at the main doman of « filesplat [dot] com. »

    Have you considered uploading the audios to youtube or vimeo? [..]

    • Michael Heiming janvier 28, 2018 à 21:43

      To make a long story short. With youtube an alike you have to convert your mp3 to mp4 with is not a big deal. Though I’d have to change the EMF Sound page completely.

      I restored the files to another free service in the hope they will last for some time as well as adding the 4G BST sound. For those 16 files, about 1h including changing my wordpress site. At least wordpress allows you to edit directly the HTML source, even if the editor is a pita…;-(

      Best regards


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