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Man who destroyed mobile phone masts with tank is free

One might remember the story, a mobile phone industry (Telstra, Australia) engineer got sick from mobile phone radiation.

Old Tank

Telecoms engineer on his way with an old tank

He went on and destroyed about 6 mobile phone masts using an old military tank until he was captured in July 2007.

Highlighting what he saw as dangerous tower emissions, he was sent to jail for his act. Now after 20 month he came free.

But the former technician hasn’t changed his mind about the health effects of mobile phone towers.

Now he’s preparing another protest, but this one won’t involve a tank. He has setup a business measuring EMFs and trying to make people aware.

There is a well made news video (5 min. inteview) one shouldn’t miss (click)

Police followed the vehicle in a sedately paced chase

Police followed the tank

Source Article, more information:

– Sydney man targets phone mast (2007)