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Germany: Reverend Carsten Häublein dead (LTE 4g)!

Reverend Carsten Häuble †

Reverend Carsten Häublein †

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Dear friends and fellow human beings,

again a pretty sad message: Reverend Carsten Häublein is dead!

He has no longer endured the dramatic situation, the increase in high-frequency LTE (4g) torture, and ended his life.

We are stunned, shocked, paralyzed – wrestle with our minds and our hearts to words that meet our emotional state.

In April 2009 after a long search he had finally the opportunity to find a low radiation spot to live (in Schleswig-Holstein). Since summer 2006, transmission facilities were upgraded in Oberammergau, he couldn’t sleep anymore, and had suffered hellish torments and searched in different places refuge and slept in a low radiated forest. (The press had written extensively about the precarious health situation of many residents in Oberammergau.)

Pastor Carsten Häublein put his eggs in the last basket: Retiring from his pastoral profession of his by anyone so valued activity in Ammertal, moving to Schleswig-Holstein, where he found a small house, and finally was able to live symptom-free!

The « luck » did not last that long: Beginning July 2012 his health went down dramatically, LTE (fourth mobile phone generation for fast wireless Internet access – 4g) was in operation. The intolerable situation came to a head for him – and we could not help! The feeling of powerlessness, the devastating feeling not to be able to help, when he complained about « roaring, banging and hissing in the head » and desperate because of the feeling that the « whole body vibrated » – a feeling that was barely to endure for us. (Additional shielding brought only limited relief.)

Translator before evacuation from LTE radiation!

Translator before evacuation from LTE radiation!

For another relief, perceived as salvation, he finally saw no other way: how much courage it takes to commit this act of desperation? And how desperate must be a man who was taken any courage to go on living, to continue suffering in hope of a decent end to the agony?

We have been asked by entitled concerned individuals: Is it good to spread that he committed this act of desperation? If other people who are being held in the same despair, the spread of this message, perhaps brought the idea to follow his example?

Such shocking acts of desperation touch loved ones, relatives, friends and neighbors – but from the perspective of political leaders and the operators ‘disappears’ the suffering on a diabolical way from the surface of this world and the business can continue as usual! They are secured by this senseless official limits that demonstrably are not protecting us..

Pastor Carsten Häublein is not divorced his own life. For him there was no choice, but the only way to escape the unbearable torture.

With sad regards

Werner Funk
Suzanne Sohmer

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Using homeless people as WiFi/LTE (4g) hotspots!

Homeless Hotspot LogoWhat some might have thought as joke has now become reality! Homeless people are being used as WiFi hotspots.

Homeless person working as WiFi Hotspot

A new program at the South by Southwest festival that sets homeless people up as mobile 4G hotspots has sparked a heated debate. Homeless Hotspots sets up nine homeless people with 4G devices that can allow walkers-by to access the internet in exchange for a donation.

So technical it works like this, the person is wearing some LTE (4G) phone or alike, which is connected to some WiFi-Router, which gives access to peoples Laptop/mobiles/etc WiFi capable devices. This is done for a small donation (2 US $/15 minutes).

Now what does this mean for person providing this service, the router is radiating permanently its 10 Hz beacon signal in order to advertise the service to people on the road. The 4G (LTE) device is at least in addition to the router radiating if someone is using the service.

Homeless Hotspots Map

Homeless Hotspots Map

If this service is intended to lower the number of homeless people through radiation remains unknown, though not impossible?

Those people already have a lowered immune system, due to mal nutrition, which is highly likely if someone is living on the street. In addition to unhealthy living style with bad sanitation.

It would be pretty interesting to check those homeless hotspots health now and in 6/12 month in addition to a group not providing this service, what do you think?

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