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‘Home fever’ is the new hay fever

According to a recent article from Allergy UK:

Allergy UK reveals millions are allergic to their own homes David-Dees-Esmog

Allergy UK predicts at least 12 million people(i) are allergic to their own home.

An out of season hay fever, dubbed as ‘home fever’, (Perennial Allergic Rhinitis) by Allergy UK is on the increase with more and more sufferers coming forward.

Research by Allergy UK found 58%(ii) of allergy sufferers react to house dust mites. Closing doors and windows and turning the heating up creates a breeding ground for these microscopic creatures.

But it’s not just dust that causes problems; 31% of sufferers are allergic to mould, and 45% of sufferers say their allergy is triggered by pets.[..]

Now those mentioned (possible) reasons are nothing new, so why do those problems pop up now, more and more? We suspect one big and mostly completely overlooked problem is the ever growing amount of EMF (microwave and others) radiating gadgets inside households, as well as radiation from neighbors and nearby mobile phone masts. In addition those light savings bulbs shouldn’t be overlooked, next to their high EMFs, they produce sick making light!

Those gadgets include DECT cordless phone and WiFi router, most of them radiate 24/7 and generate a toxic electro-smog cloud inside peoples homes, people can’t see, smell or feel. But there is a biological effect, our immune system is declined more and more. Then almost anything such as a tiny bit of mold, which would be normally easily handled by a healthy persons immune system, can make people sick.

Source article and additional information:


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